October 12, 2021

MAS - Best Physical Therapy Los Angeles

There are two things that are guaranteed in life: taxes and death. That being said, I would argue that most people at some point in their lives have experienced some form of physical (musculoskeletal) pain as well. This could potentially be the third category guaranteed in life. With the increase of the opioid epidemic and people’s increase in occurrence of pain and debility has led further into reliance on so many things not inclusive of multiple doctors visits, drugs, injections, or surgeries. It does NOT have to be this way. Again, it does NOT have to be this way.

What is M.A.S?

At M.A.S. Performance Physio, we believe if someone has pain with any sort of movement, active/movement problems require active solutions! Lying down (passive only treatments) on your back to get treated, while may feel good temporarily, may not yield lasting long term results. If something keeps coming back, the primary source of one’s active issue has not been addressed.

MAS combines movement, art, and science to help people solve movement problems (ie. when it hurts to jump, run, lift, etc) with movement solutions. The primary goal is to provide personalized 1 on 1 care by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to address the primary cause(s) of a movement problem by: 

1. Resetting- help relieve those aches and pains

2. Restoring- teach the body to move more efficiently so that the body is moving synchronously

3. Reloading- increase the mobility, strength, and capacity of the body to get back to activities that you enjoy!

The MAS approach is proactive and allows your body to heal with the hybridization of movement, art and science. This holistic approach pulls from many different facets of science and movement integrated by many different art forms and disciplines, from strength and conditioning, pilates, snowboarding, cross training, manual therapy, and the art of movement. Being proactive and catching issues earlier on will help in reliance on pain medications, injections, multiple doctors visits and worst of all surgery! Our mission is to provide the best quality of care for your body to keep you doing what you enjoy doing, without any limitations from your body. This is why we believe we are the best physical therapy in Los Angeles.

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